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During the plate glass manufacturing process, molten glass is very sensitive to moisture and is typically run under blanketing atmospheres where moisture is carefully monitored. The higher the quality of the glass, the more essential accurate moisture control becomes.

Dew point measurements are often made in harsh conditions with high temperatures and volatile chemical vapors. Due to the unique design of Vaisala’s Drycap® sensor, it is immune to most chemical contaminants found to offgass from this process.
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    • DRYCAP® DMT345/DMT346 露点変換器 産業計測向け 
    • 高温の産業用乾燥環境における湿度計測向け。プローブは高温プロセスの中に直接設置するため、サンプリングシステムとトレースヒーティングが不要。オプションとしてデータロギングと無線LANインターフェースあり。