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Vaisala’s modernization services can bring older observation systems up to today’s technical standards


    Vaisala steadily continues to introduce new and innovative technological solutions in an ever-changing world, where development is fast, and safety and performance are of ever-increasing importance. Vaisala is on the cutting edge of the environmental innovation, consistently developing new technology and seeking ways to enhance existing solutions. 

    Vaisala modernization services bring existing observation systems up to today’s technical and operational standards and recommendations, covering everything from preparatory research to a partial or full modernization, depending on your requirements. With a professional modernization we can together achieve the highest levels of performance, reliability and safety delivered by today’s observation systems and solutions.

    Initially, our experienced specialists will provide a modernization plan for the existing weather observation system. They will also make recommendations ensuring that the highest safety levels are met, with a minimum of downtime.

    Modernization services incorporate an entire process from ordering through to installation. Vaisala Project Management facilitates a step-by-step modernization process, giving you an opportunity to focus systematically on specific aspects of the equipment and to control the investment cost.

    For more infromation on Modernizations please contact Vaisala Sales.