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Services for your Vaisala meters and instruments: Customer training for gaining the maximum benefit from the investment.


    Project Delivery Service Training

    Vaisala offers a comprehensive range of training courses that are delivered during the delivery project stage. These courses ensure that the customer gains the necessary knowledge and skills needed to immediately utilize the products or services they have purchased.


    These courses can take place either on the customer’s site or at a Vaisala premises. Please see our Training Portfolio for a full list of the available courses.

    On Request Service Training

    Vaisala also can offer training that can be delivered at any time during the customer’s relationship with Vaisala. The courses could be delivered after an equipment upgrade, after the introduction of new staff or on a regular basis to ensure that staff are continually updated with the latest skills, knowledge and competencies needed.

    The courses are usually delivered at a customer’s site, but they can also be delivered at a Vaisala premises. We are also able to tailor the courses to meet the needs of the customer, whether it be a full session for new employees or an overview and update on any new features.

    Please see our Training Portfolio for a full list of the available courses for individual customers or the Open Enrollment Scheduled Training section for any open courses.