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・相対湿度 ・露点/霜点 ・絶対湿度 ・水分含有量 ・混合比 ・飽和水蒸気圧 
・水分率(ppm) ・湿球温度 ・エンタルピー ・比容積 ・密度



・日本語 ・英語 ・中国語 ・ドイツ語 ・フランス語 ・オランダ語 ・ポルトガル語 ・フィンランド語




  • 最新のユーザーインターフェース - モバイル端末向けにも最適化
  • 一般的なブラウザとオペレーションシステムで使用可能 - IE9+、Chrome、Firefox、およびSafariで動作確認済。また、Andoroid、iOSとWindowsのモバイル端末でも動作確認済。
  • オフライン使用のためのソフトをインストールする代わりに - 湿度計算ソフトのページをブックマークするか、ホーム画面に追加するだけで手軽に利用できます!


Version 3.1 2014-02-08
- Fixed a bug in the pressure unit (psig) conversion.
- New rounding function to improve calculation accuracy at extreme conditions.
- Minor user interface improvements.

Version 3.0 2013-08-27
- Entirely new calculation engine.
- New calculated parameters: enthalpy, specific volume, density.
- Replaced Basic and Advanced tabs with a customizable user interface.
End user can now decide which measurement parameters are shown on the screen.

Version 2.2 2009-11-23
- Fixed a calculation bug related to user changing both ambient conditions (T, P) at the same time. Now re-calculation happens immediately after condition has been changed.
- Fixed a bug in language negotiation that resulted in "Locale not found" errors in some localization combinations.
- New Vaisala visuals.

Version 2.1 2008-04-23
- Fixed a calculation bug related to user changing ambient conditions (T, P).
Now all values are calculated based on new ambient conditions.

Version 2.0 2008-04-08
- Wetbulb calculation added. User can insert custom psychrometer coefficients.
- All values are calculated after changes in ambient conditions (T, P, gas type).
- Maximum ambient temperature increased to +373 °C (+703 °F).
- Portuguese localization added.

Version 1.3 2007-06-28
- Fixed a bug in pressure unit conversion when converting to or from mmHg/Torr.

Version 1.2 2007-04-05
- Improved accuracy of vapor pressure calculation in high temperatures.

Version 1.1.1 2007-02-01
- Fixed a calculation bug related to using custom gases.

Version 1.1 2007-01-15
- Comma can be used as decimal separator in addition to full stop.
- Improved calculation formula for natural gas in high pressures (above 40 bar).
- Print button introduced. Use to print the whole calculator screen.
- Copy values button introduced. Use to copy/paste calculated values to other programs, e.g. Microsoft Excel.
- Switching from Basic to Advanced mode does not reset the calculation.
- Input error messages are displayed in selected units. E.g. Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.​​​​​​​