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Vaisala wants to have a fruitful relationship with its stakeholders, as they are the ones who can influence the future of our business. We strive to be open and transparent, responding to stakeholders' needs to our best abilities. We are active in many corners of society and want to influence and convince people with our expertise. Working with environmental issues is a priority in our scope of societal affairs and it is in these forums we believe we have the most to offer.
We identify and evaluate our stakeholders as part of our risk management process and corporate responsibility processes. Both of these assessment methods are carried out internally and are part of corporate-wide processes.
We determine the impact different stakeholder groups have on us and analyze how our actions in turn affect our stakeholders. We actively seek partnerships and joint opportunities with partners, customers, suppliers, academia, research institutes and other parties. In this chapter we discuss our relationship with what we regard as our key stakeholders. 
Our sustainability reporting can function as a foundation for dialogue, as it often does. We seek to engage academia, the scientific community, customers and partners, media and various organizations in order to convey them what it is we do best and why Vaisala is worth their attention.